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Are you into mobile phone customization? Do you need cute game and anime characters to brighten up your phone?

Shimeji is the mobile app for you without question.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, Shimeji are animated characters that roam around your mobile’s screen. They play on top of your existing wallpaper. Essentially, then, they are an updated version of screen savers. Only these characters can be upgraded to walk and play inside your other apps too.

As Shimeji is Japanese for mushrooms, the company logo is mushroom-shaped. The app features two free characters, Miku and Neko. But should you need more free-ranging mascots on your phone, there are plenty of other free characters in the Shimeji store.

As well as Shimeji, the app has various live wallpapers too, and they occasionally add new features to the phone customization app. You can even email them requests if you have an idea.

If you are into anime and never want to be alone, Shimeji may be the answer to a question you didn’t know required asking.


Animated characters, many from TV shows

Random ‘do things’ feature

Upgradable characters


If you are into Japanese pop culture, you should definitely check this out. The app is highly rated in Google play, and the reviews left by users are overwhelmingly positive. The most commonly used phrases in their reviews were the words cute and easy to use. Useful popped up quite a few times, too, but with not a lot of further explanation.

Even with hundreds of Shimeji characters to select, one of the recurring themes of the reviews are suggestions for new mascots. These range from more anime characters to My Little Pony. While these suggestions could be construed as casting a negative light on the app, it’s rather the reverse. If anything, it is a back-handed compliment. Clearly, those taking the time to leave feedback think the app is worthwhile and should be supported.

Purely on number terms, this would appear to be the case. Google Play has racked up more than five million installs; evidence that starkly illustrates how popular and widespread this app has become in the highly competitive teen mobile app market.

Upgrading the characters is relatively inexpensive at between $1.99 to $3.49 per item.

There’s also a browser extension available and a Shimeji community on Game Jolt.


Adorable characters

Over 300 characters to choose from

It does not require much storage space



No iOS version

How to use

Shimeji is downloadable from Google Play. The Android version requires OS 4.1 or later and requires only 3.2 MB of storage space.

The app scores a very creditable 4.7 out of 5 in Google Play based on ratings from over 155,000 people. The last update was December 6, 2020.

If you would rather avoid Google Play, you download the APK instead. The package name is digitalcosmos.shimeji. The developer name is Digital Cosmos, and the latest version is Shimeji 4.1.

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