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Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free
Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

There may well be genuine and entirely legal reasons for wishing to fake your GPS coordinates.

Maybe you found treasure, or you don’t want to be snooped on. Old romantic that you are, you don’t want anyone to know you’re at a jewelers’ shop. Or you’re cheating on your partner.

Possibly all you want to do is play a trick on your friends by claiming on social media that you are visiting the Taj Mahal. Or you’re surveying the French capital’s skyline from the Eiffel Tower.

These are just a few instances that spring to mind as perfectly lawful reasons for wishing to disguise your whereabouts.

And as it happens, there’s an app for that too.

Step forward Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free. Not the catchiest of names, admittedly, but it does what it promises by overwriting your current location.

The developers, IncorporateApps, also flag up a couple of other less obvious uses, including fly GPS-ing between cities without having to travel. And the much more useful geotagging of your photos after forgetting to switch on location. Though this assumes your memory stretches to remembering where you took the photo.

And users have also reported the app helps them to watch geo-restricted content online as well.


Free app version

Standard spoofing on all versions of Android

Root mode available only up to Android 6.0

Editing of the update interval

Route creation

Favorites and history

Sharing with other apps

Paid-for version

Extra route options and GPX import

Extra spoofing options and expert mode

Cooldown chart

Joystick support

Gyms and stops


Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free was developed by IncorporateApps, a German developer based in Berlin. So they say. Who can tell?

They are also behind a shopping app and an app that reads out text messages aloud while you are driving. And another fake GPS app designed for social media and other apps that use your phone’s location.

Worryingly their website hasn’t been updated for a very long time and is still sitting on unsecured web hosting. As the news section of the IncorporateApp website hasn’t been updated since April 2015, it does make you wonder about their current trading status and app support.


Works with many other apps

You can create custom routes

You can edit the frequency of fake location changes


Heavy drain on your battery

Doesn’t always work well with other apps

Only supports Android

How to use

Once you install the app, you need to disable high-accuracy location positioning in Android Location Settings.

Next, within the app, choose your preferred location and press play. The app will then change your location to your fake location.

If you wish to change your browser location, you will need a VPN service in conjunction with the app.

The app will ask for three permission. These are access to the internet to display the map, access to coarse and fine location settings to spoof your actual location, and permission to mock locations in the Developer settings.

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