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Fitbit, Inc.

Fitbit is an American wearable fitness electronics company based in San Francisco. They are a leading producer of a range of activity trackers and smartwatches that measure personal health metrics. These metrics include such factors as heart rate, steps taken and climbed, sleep quality, and other ways of measuring fitness.

The wearable technology is wireless-enabled and was officially taken over by Google in January 2021. They paid $2.1 billion for Fitbit, a company that is one of the largest wearable tech producers behind Xiaomi and Apple.


Smart water bottle unveiled

Fitbit announced the launch of a wireless-enabled water bottle to help users keep on top of their hydration.

The smart water bottle and its app sync with a user’s Fitbit data to work out how much water they should be taking on board each day based on fundamental biological and physiological factors. The app also factors in other data such as activity levels, the weather, and elevation.

When connected to the web, the smart water bottle automatically tracks the user’s water intake and uploads the data to Fitbit and the HidrateSpark app.

November 23, 2020 - Google Assistant in the latest update

The latest updates to the FitbitOS for FitbitSense and Versa 3 were to include Google Assistant in the US and other selected markets initially.

They also announced an update for Alexa to hear audible replies on Fitbit smartwatches while Sense and Versa 3 got Bluetooth calling.


All-day activity metrics

Exercise tracking

24/7 heart rate tracking

Blood oxygen tracking

Sleep tracking

Nutrition and weight advice

Motivational tools

Calories burnt


The takeover by Google was not without controversy in both the United States and Europe. There was concern over privacy as soon as Google started sniffing around Fitbit in 2019.

To set up a Fitbit product, users must create an account and agree to their data being collected and transferred to Fitbit. When Google began showing an interest in acquiring Fitbit, the proposed takeover attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities in the US (Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice) and the EU’s European Commission.

They were worried that Google would use their dominant advertising muscle to target Fitbit users on the data collected by the devices. Following various binding assurances offered by Google, the deal got the green light in the US and Europe.

Fitbit was co-founded in 2007 by James Park and Eric N Friedman after they deduced that the technology currently available - sensors and WiFi - could be deployed in wearable devices to help people improve their health and fitness.


Easy to use

Wide range of models and styles

Well known brand

Sleep tracking


Some devices are expensive

Tracks you all-day

How to use

Fitbit’s fitness tracking devices can be purchased directly from the Fitbit website. They also have Android and iOS mobile apps that link to your personal Fitbit dashboard online.

This dashboard plots all your fitness activity sent by your wireless-enabled smartwatch or tracker so you can view your progress and set fitness goals.

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