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iRobot HOME

The iRobot Home App is a way to remotely control and manage your Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaner directly from your mobile.

Once your robot connects to your WiFi through the iRobot HOME App, you have complete control of your device and access to a range of different features, including settings and cleaning preferences. You can order your Roomba to clean, return to its home base, empty the bin base for Roombas with a Clean Base, and set up cleaning schedules.

The app also helps you out with your device’s maintenance and troubleshooting if necessary.


iRobot files a lawsuit against SharkNinja

The iRobot Corporation announced it had filed a patent infringement order at the International Trade Commission against SharkNinja.

The lawsuit seeks to have the International Trade Commission prevent several SharkNinja robotic cleaning models from being exported to the United States due to alleged infringement of iRobot patents.

iRobot has identified four different SharkNinja products that the American corporation claims use proprietary iRobot technology. The patents include digital mapping, docking, side brush, and hardware features, clean zones, mapping runs, and map setup, as well as carpet and floor detection technology.

The lawsuit follows earlier iRobot legal action against SharkNinja in 2019, asserting infringement of other patents and false advertising.


Easy to use

Control your robot on the go and return to a clean home

Connects your robot to smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices

Manage your account information

Purchase accessories and spare parts

Access help and FAQ


The app gives you complete control to refine your cleaning routines by creating schedules, saving your favorites, and editing them on the fly.

Using the data from your device, the app will give you personalized cleaning recommendations. You can even boss your robot with smart home integration, while customizable maps let you direct your robot to any problem areas that need extra attention.

Automations lets you customize cleaning around you and your life, so your robot automatically begins cleaning whenever you leave home.


Easy to use

Defaults to clean when you are not at home

You will love the scheduling feature

Precise cleaning and timing


Can be buggy

Only scores 2.4 out of five in Google Play

How to use

You can download the app using the search term “iRobot HOME’ in Google Play or the App Store for iOS devices. Alternatively, you can cut out the search using the links at the foot of the app page on the iRobot website.

The app is available wherever you can buy iRobot WiFi-connected robots. Suppose you purchased your robot from an authorized dealer, but the device is set to the wrong region. In that case, you can get it reset to the region where the app is supported.

The features available vary by model. The supported models are:

Roomba 600, 800, 900, and the e Series on 2.4GHz WiFi networks

Roomba i Series on 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks

Braava jet 240

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