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Google Earth
Google Earth
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The mobile Google Earth app puts the planet at your fingertips when you want to go exploring.

It’s a brilliant app to have on your phone regardless of whether you are hiking, navigating the streets of an unfamiliar city, or chilling on the sofa.

With Google Earth onboard, you can explore the entire planet from a bird’s eye view using satellite imagery and 3D terrain. Fly anywhere you like to hundreds of cities and visit their 3D buildings.

The uses for it are almost endless. You can look at your house from 3,000 feet. Or just about anywhere else that takes your fancy. Then dive in to get a 360 degree perspective with Street View.

The world is proverbially your oyster with Google Earth. You can go to all the places you have dreamt about. Or take a guided tour from the likes of NASA, National Geographic, BBC Earth, and many more to add context.

Some of the world’s top scientists, storytellers, and non-profit organizations will help you become immersed in a new culture and explain what you are seeing. You can even take a quiz to test your knowledge. Find out crab migration on Christmas Island or how people live in Africa, for example.

Being at home is no longer a reason not to visit New York City, London, Paris, or Sydney. Or pretty much anywhere you have ever wished to visit. Plus, you can do so for zero cash and zero carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for you and the planet.

The uses you can put Google Earth to are only limited by your imagination. So start drawing up that fantasy world tour itinerary and get going.


Create routes by putting placemarks on your map and drawing lines

Add your photos and videos

Alter the view, zoom in and out, or go to street level for an immersive viewpoint

Share your mapping stories and collaborate with others

Go on a virtual tour


The Google Earth app is available for Android and iOS. You can easily navigate the whole planet by swiping on your phone or tablet.

The app, which is available in your browser, mobile device, or as a desktop client, is undeniably the most detailed globe of Earth ever.

People are putting Google Earth to thousands of different uses, not merely virtual tourism. Google Earth helps scientists protect our environment, teachers with geography lessons, or people planning hiking or running. Another famous example is the pool cleaning company using Google Earth to better target their marketing by dropping their fliers only to properties with outdoor swimming pools.



Supports multiple languages

Fun and dynamic

Lots of information


It does not include the Flight Simulator of the desktop version

Navigation can be fiddly

How to use

Download the Google Earth app from Google Play or the App Store. There are links straight to the respective download pages on the Google Earth website. Installation is simple. Tap the icon to get started. It’s a good idea to sit through the tutorial first.

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