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YouTube Go
YouTube Go
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YouTube Go is a data-saving app that lets you watch videos even when you are on a slow connection or have limited data.

The app lets you download videos to watch offline without eating all your data. However, you can choose to watch videos within the app if you prefer. A handy video preview lets you decide whether to continue watching or download, saving you valuable data.


New destination announced for sports fans

YouTube announced it was refreshing its sports destination. Their sports channel at YouTube.com/Sports has been overhauled to make it more immersive and obtain the very best sports content in one place.

Fans will be able to engage more with the content, including clips and highlights from the world’s best sports leagues to exclusive live matches and premium content from popular creators and top athletes.

The sports channel makeover comes as the volume of sports-related video hours grew in the US by more than 40% yearly.

The new Explore tab on mobile devices would help passionate sports fans find new and recommended content, along with all the latest sports news.


Download and watch videos

Tools to control your data usage

Control how much storage is assigned to videos

Video preview

Download to a smartphone of SD card

Video playback without buffering


YouTube Go is a great way to discover viral and trending videos, music, movies, and TV shows. The genres available span comedy, cooking, fashion, how-to tutorials, cooking, and just about every subject you can think of.

However, YouTube Go is on the way out. As of June 2020, Google, which owns YouTube, announced it would commence pre-installing the primary YouTube app on Android Go Editions instead of YouTube Go. They also said they would be removing the app from Google Play.

If you have already downloaded YouTube Go, the company will continue to support the app. There won’t be any interruption to service.

The YouTube Go app is no longer available in Apple’s App Store. It has also been pulled from Google Play, but a legacy page remains live. You may find it still downloadable elsewhere. Though, whether you can sign in is highly debatable.



It’s free

Watch videos with slow or no internet connection

Designed to work with less storage

Get recommendations on what to watch

You can share content on other social media platforms


Music quality could be better

How to use

Once you open the app, you will arrive at the YouTube Go home. Here you will get recommended videos and other popular content flagged up for your attention.

The search bar is your launchpad to great content. You can either enter a search term manually or use voice search by tapping the microphone icon.

Your search results will be a list of videos. Tap the video you’d like to play or download.

If you have previously searched on the term, any videos you previously downloaded will automatically be at the top of your results.

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