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Google Fit
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There can be few areas of daily life that Google hasn’t spread its reach. With Google Fit, the search engine and web services company go a step further into your health and fitness.

To be fair, though, Google Fit is the company’s retort to Apple Fit and is backed by the American Heart Association. Google collaborated with the association in the development of

Heart Points, a goal-based activity program based on recommendations demonstrated to show an impact on health.

So it’s unfair to portray Google Fit as just another land grab by Google. It’s a worthy effort to help people coach themselves to better health and fitness.

The app is available on Android and iOS. It works with a broad range of other popular health and fitness apps, including Calm, Nike Run Club, Fitwell, etc.

Google Fit is also compatible with multiple wearable fitness and health devices, most notably Google’s own brand Wear OS smartwatches. It also works well with a few other devices, including Polar Fitness watches and the Xiaomi Mi Band range. Google Fit will also soon integrate with Fitbit, as you can see below in the Updates section.


Google completes purchase of Fitbit

Google announced that it had finalized the acquisition of Fitbit, acquiring its 29 million users in the process.

According to Google, the deal was always about devices, it was not about harvesting data.

He said Google had been clear from that start that it would protect the privacy of Fitbit users. Google had worked with regulators to draw up binding commitments to safeguard consumer privacy and ensure user health and well-being data is not used to target them with adverts.

Google stated they would also continue to enable fitness trackers and smartwatches compatibility with Android and third-party apps.

There was a commitment to work closely with Fitbit on creating new devices and services to enhance health, knowledge, success, and happiness.


Simple to use

Tracks your health and well-being and makes recommendations based on your activity

Track your workouts

Dark mode to save battery power

Measures heart rate and your steps

Interprets your activity and how it impacts your fitness and health


Intuitive design

A good starting place to get fit

Simple but good at what it does


It could do with more features

Some may find it lacking for their needs

How to use

Once you have it installed, Google Fit will ask you some baseline questions such as your gender, height, weight, and birth date.

Next, there is a brief walkthrough of the app’s primary activity metrics, Heart Points and Move Minutes. You are then taken to the app’s home screen.

Here you will see three menu options: Home, Profile, and Journal.

The Home Screen displays a daily overview of your activities and health metrics. The Profile is where you update your personal information and edit your Move Minutes and Heart Points.

The Journal tab is where you keep your schedule, a simple list of your recorded activities.

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