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Google lens
Google lens
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Google Lens is the sort of app that, when you install it, you begin to wonder how you managed before.

It is a must-have companion for your mobile’s camera as it adds so much more information, detail, and context.

The uses you can put Google Lens to are numerous. For instance, if you want to translate words on a sign, save someone’s business card to your contacts, or ID a plant you have found.

In short, it is a new way of perceiving and interacting with the world. Most of what is going on behind the scenes with Google Lens is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Google Lens is a standalone app, but much of it is lurking in Google Photos and Google image search. In Google Photos, it is the square icon with the dot beside the Trash bin.


Google Lens Finally Gets Offline Translation

In a long-awaited development, Google announced that Android users will now be able to use Google Lens to translate text while offline.

Up until now, translation was only available online. The promised offline option has been in the works for a while. The feature was now rolling out with the latest update of Google Lens.

After the update, users are prompted to download the language packs they need for offline use. The offline language pack installation is confirmed with a checkmark.

Users are then able to scan the language while offline. Translation of the preferred language begins as soon as users point their camera at the text.

There’s no need to press the shutter as the app automatically opens up a live preview window of the translation. The preview also contains a Copy all button to quickly capture the translated text to the clipboard.


Scan barcodes

Scan and translate text

Identify animals and plant life

Discover more about where you are

Get shopping information

See restaurant dishes from Google Maps


The other uses for Google Lens include:

Adding events to your calendar from a flier or poster

Copying and pasting text into your phone

Identifying the breed of dog you see in the park

Identifying and learning more about landmarks and other sights

Getting info about shops and restaurants

Searching by image for products you want to buy

Getting help with your homework for math, chemistry, physics, history, biology, etc.

Plus, lots more.

The app has been rated at 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play from the feedback of over 878,000 people.

The app is downloadable from Google Play for Android devices and bundled in with Google Photos for iOS users. If you download an offline language pack, be careful not to uncheck the checkmark beside the language as this will remove it from your phone.


Versatile and powerful

Lots of features and uses

Multi-language support

It’s free

You can contemplate getting rid of your scanner peripheral

Now supports offline translation


Not available in all regions

Some features require an internet connection

Not compatible with many Samsung phones

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