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Netflix, Inc.

Netflix is the king of streaming TV services. It has entered the public consciousness globally and spawned its own saying, “Netflix and chill’.

Today, it is synonymous with watching TV, box sets, and binge-watching. Ask anyone from any part of the world to name a TV streaming service, and it’s a safe bet Netflix will be the first one they mention.

For years now, Netflix has been at the forefront of TV, presenting the most talked about movies and TV shows to the world. Their televisual menu is a roll-call of award-winning TV series, movies, and documentaries. Much of the most viewed programming has been commissioned by Netflix rather than bought in by the platform.

The great thing about Netflix is you don’t need to stay home to watch all your favs. Download the Netflix app from Google Play and the App Store, and you get Netflix on your phone or tablet while traveling, commuting, or on a break.


New content being added all the time

Browse and search content and stream it to your mobile device

Get personalized viewing suggestions based on your TV watching history

Create up to five profiles for your account to share with your household

Family-friendly viewing with safety controls

Preview videos and series

Receive notifications as soon as new episodes and releases drop

Save data by downloading titles to watch offline


Though the download is free, you need to be a Netflix subscriber.

However, getting the service on an internet-connected device does not cost extra. You can watch unlimited TV, either at home or on the go, on an unlimited number of devices. This means your entire family can benefit from watching anywhere at any time.

Alternatively, you can sign-in on the Netflix website and watch from there on just about any web-enabled device that supports Netflix (which is almost everyone).

This gives you great flexibility. You can watch a show on your smartphone on the way to work, catch up on your lunch break on your tablet, then finish off your viewing at home on your smartphone. All while sharing your account to your family to watch via gaming consoles or media streaming players, for example.


Great platform that easy to use

Fantastic content

Netflix has a reputation for producing hit shows

New content posted weekly


TV shows usually run one season behind on Netflix

Frequent content deletions you don’t hear about in advance

How to use

Once you downloaded the app to your mobile device, all you need to do is sign in with your usual Netflix login details.

You can then watch Netflix wherever you are on a smartphone, tablet, streaming device, laptop, or smart TV. Three subscription plans range in price from $8.99 a month to $17.99 per month. After that, there are no hidden extras or contracts to worry about.

The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. And don’t forget to use the download option so you can watch offline without a broadband connection.

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