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Who doesn’t want to be a DJ?

Well, now, unbelievably, everyone can thank the TouchTunes app.

The imaginative app lets you take control wherever you find TouchTunes jukeboxes.

Over 75,000 restaurants, bars, and other establishments have TouchTunes jukeboxes that you can hijack to play the music you like.

You can queue up all your favorite jams when you create a playlist in the app or link the app to the music on your phone.

The app also learns your listening habits and produces personalized recommendations based on your play history and personal preferences.


Earn free song credits and other perks

DJ at over 65,000 locations

Search for TouchTunes jukeboxes in your area

Jump the music queue with Fast Pass

Check out what tracks are popular at a venue

Receive music recommendations

Save your favorites and playlists

Spend your credits


A couple of recent user reviews on Google Play make for interesting reading.

One reviewer said he liked messing with his favorite bartender by playing the tracks she loathes while he is on the way home. TouchTunes also let him walk into the bar to his theme song.

A bartender, meanwhile, revealed TouchTunes is a game-changer for bartenders. They could anonymously change the vibe from behind the bar without having to go to the jukebox.

And the app is popular with business owners, too, as TouchTunes jukeboxes are a magnet for app-loving millennials with disposable income. Some have seen revenue increase by as much as 30% when they have installed the latest Angelina jukebox and let customers take on the role of DJ.

Meanwhile, the TouchTunes company lay claim to being the largest in-venue interactive music platform, with jukeboxes across North America and Europe.

They have been at the forefront since 1998, when they released the world’s first pay-to-play digital jukebox. Today’s app has been downloaded over nine million times.

Millions of songs are played daily using the mobile app, enabling the company to develop charts for each location about which tracks get played the most and what’s trending.

In addition to the jukebox business, the company also supplies music to workplaces, photo booths, and karaoke.

The app gets generally positive reviews and is highly rated at 4.8 out of 5 in the App Store but considerably less at 3.7 out of 5 on Google Play. However, the latter has substantially more reviewers voting on the app.


It’s a free download

Listen to the music you want

Good customer support for app users

Easy to use

Light on data and storage space


You can only spend song credits in the country where you purchased them

The jukebox must be mobile-enabled

You may feel overwhelmed by the music over-choice

How to use

Open TouchTunes on your phone. After creating an account, tap your location on the home screen. You will then see the nearest jukeboxes.

You need TouchTunes credits to play songs, which you can purchase with a credit card or PayPal by tapping the Wallet icon.

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