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1. I can't install it properly. Is there a manual?
This site prepares a manual for downloading and installing the application from this site. If you're downloading an app from a source other than the official Google Play store, the procedure can be a bit complicated. However, our manual is easy to understand even for beginners with pictures, so please refer to it when you are unsure of how to operate it.
2. I want to download the app, but I'm worried whether it's safe or not.
In conclusion, all the apps on this site are 100% safe. It does not harm the hardware or privacy of your smartphone. The safety of all apps on this site is guaranteed, so please feel free to use them.
3. Is the app free? Or is it paid?
All apps on this site can be downloaded for free. Please be assured that there will be no charge for downloading. In addition, the application on this site does not require any procedures such as creating an account when downloading. Simply select the app you want to use and tap the download button to download it immediately.
4. I can't log in because I can't find my account.
In fact, there are many customers who lose their accounts. The bottom line is that, unfortunately, we can't help you in such cases. One piece of advice is that if you are logged in using SNS authentication such as Facebook authentication or YouTube authentication, you may be able to solve it by contacting SNS customer support. If you have created an account, you are responsible for managing it.
5. I want to unsubscribe from the app, so please tell me the procedure.
We are unable to process subscriptions for third-party apps. As with the previous question, we can't help you unsubscribe from the app. Please find out how to unsubscribe yourself or contact the company that operates the app directly.
6. I was charging the app, but I would like a refund. Please tell me the procedure.
As with the previous question, this site cannot cancel or refund your subscription. Please check the subscription procedure yourself or contact the third party app directly for refunds. Occasionally some people ask for a refund on this site, but using this site is completely free.